About Yak Visioncare

The WHO (2021) estimates that there are at least 1 billion cases of vision impairment worldwide that could have been prevented or have yet to be addressed, with uncorrected refractive errors and cataracts as two of the leading causes.

In exercising our corporate social responsibility, we hope to raise awareness of having good vision. To achieve this, we aim to provide subsidised or free eyeglasses and eye examinations to the less well-off members of our community who may find it very difficult to afford good vision – something that we feel should be fundamental for the many people making up our society.

Giving back to society is an important part of our business, and we also hope to extend our social work to communities in other countries in the future.

Our Vision

To enrich lives
through accessible
eye care and eye wear

Our Mission

Providing affordable
eyeglasses, decent eye
examinations, enabled
by technology

Keeping Our Prices Low

Keeping our prices low is important to us, and we are sure you will appreciate it too. This is why we run on appointments, and let you help yourself over at our collection online to minimise your time spent at the shop.

Long-term gains are better than short-term profits, which is why we are continuously working to bring digital into the picture, and we are blatantly honest about marketing myths and in helping you understand what lenses you really need.

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