Thank you for choosing us!

We hope you enjoy using your new eyeglasses, and that the buying experience has been a pleasant one. We welcome your feedback on how we can do even better. If you do face any issues with your eyeglasses, do feel free to contact us.

– The team at Yak VisionCare

After-sales FAQs

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The prescription does not feel right.
Oops! If it’s a new prescription, it can take us a bit of time to adapt to it. Sometimes, changing to a new type of frame or trying a new type of lenses (like progressive lenses) can make adaptation more challenging. In rare cases, we may have to make adjustments to the prescription or type of lenses. Nonetheless, contact us soonest, and let us help you with it. 🙂

How can I care for my glasses?

I need a frame adjustment.
Contact us to check that we are open, and drop by to let us help you with the adjustments.

I have a question about warranty.
For all after-sales or warranty issues, please contact us directly, and allow us to help you with it.

Do you do refunds or exchanges?
Unfortunately, we do not accept exchanges as lenses made and/or cut to order, and we do not reuse frames or lenses for other customers. In general, we do not do refunds unless under extenuating circumstances. However, please do contact us if you are not satisfied with your purchase, and we will do our best to help you with it. 🤝

Caring for your Eyeglasses

Normal wear and tear, such as micro-scratches on the lenses or the frame going out of alignment, are unavoidable due to the nature of eyeglasses and how we use them. However, following these few tips can help to enhance the durability and make your eyeglasses work better and last longer for you.

Use both hands to put on and remove your eyeglasses, and avoid putting it on your head. This will reduce the chances of breakage or the frame going out of alignment. Avoid twisting, bending, and pulling on the frame, and keep it away from curious kids with prying hands.

Be careful with sprays and other chemicals, as these can leave marks on the lenses or cause blemishes on the frame. Clean or wash off any such substances immediately to reduce the chances of any damage to the eyeglasses.

Keep your eyeglasses in the spectacles box when not in use, and leave it in a cool and dry place. This will prevent dust from forming on the lenses and help avoid accidental breakages. Avoid simply throwing it inside a bag where it may be scratched by keys and other objects.

Avoid leaving your eyeglasses in a hot place, such as above an oven or water boiler. Extreme temperatures can cause the frame to deform and the lens coatings to crack and peel, making your eyeglasses unusable.

Clean the lenses gently with the microfibre cloth to remove fingerprints or condensation. The cloth should be regularly washed so that it is free of dirt, sand, and oil. Avoid using your clothing to clean the lenses as there can be sand or other large particles embedded in it from use, thus causing scratches on the lenses.

If the lenses are too oily or there are particles like sand on them, rinse your eyeglasses under cool running water and then wipe dry with the microfibre cloth. Do not leave water to stand on the lenses to air-dry as this can leave marks on the lenses. Remember to also dry the microfibre cloth.