Eye Doctors and GPs

We provide cost-effective eyewear for your patients, and we are always keen to have long-term working relationships for referrals when we detect eye diseases. We are able to provide fundus imaging for chronic care management and refractions/eyeglasses for driving license renewal or other occupational needs. Feel free to contact us for a discussion.


Providing corporate optical benefits or eye screening services for your employees is a good way of improving employee satisfaction and productivity, thus increasing organisational competitive advantage. Let’s work something out.

Opticians and Optometrists

As a new and highly innovative business, we are on the look-out for multi-disciplinary skilled talent to grow with us. Connect with us soon or send us your resume.

Industry Partners

We are constantly looking for mutually beneficial partnerships that can make our goods and services more valuable, efficient, or cost-effective for end consumers. Whether you are a frame e-commerce retailer looking for a store to provide the full range of optical services to your buyers or a fellow competitor looking to see how we can work together to achieve a win-win solution, we are keen to have a chat.